The human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical Related to religion and religious belief Intangible, holy, faith based, devotional Source of guidance is Quran and Sunnah ACTIVITY: Quranic & hadith study based on life’s situations

Example: What does Quran say about “drugs”?

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Related to our body as opposed to mind Related to fitness and health.

Emphasis on endurance, diet, sports and phsysical development

ACTIVITY: Exercise, yoga, hiking, exploring nature

Example: Guided hiking trip to the wilderness

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Learn to cope with difficulties Physical, social, educational & daily life Identification of available resources and team work

ACTIVITY: Situation analysis and awareness Example: Fasting, handling accidents, surviving no internet, flat tire, fishing, budgeting, shopping, photography etc.

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Connecting with others Organizing and group involvement Resource identification and team spirit

ACTIVITY: Study of values and ethics of Rasul Allah SAW

Example: Communication scripts, speaking etiquettes Character study of historical personalities etc

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Mood, thinking and behavior Positive and successful attitude, self confidence Disorder, obsession, anger, self control, emotional intelligence  and strong mental health.

ACTIVITY: Situation study, acting, face reading

Example: Role play and character analysis

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Links of Each Kid's website. Every Kid have their own website that they are building as they learn web designing.

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Children Age Group 10 to 16 (Boys and Girls)

Parents Age Group -ANY;

Parents serious about making a difference and engaging in their child’s life Parents willing to at least participate one Sunday a month Follow along the discipline and guidelines.

Provide proper material and participate in activities